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Thread: Kazaa Gold Media Player

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    I recently was sent an Email offering Kazaa Gold Media Player for downloading purchase. The price was $12.49 but the offer date expired on June 3rd. I got the Email on June 26. I also was unable to use Pay Pal to make a purchase. I used Pay Pal to purchase Kazaa Gold. Has there been some changes that were not published? Where is the Media Player to be found on the Kazaa site?

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    Firstly, go to Guestworld and read the pinned topic on "KazaaGold".

    After you pull your fist out of the wall,go to our home page and download the VideoLAN player and the Codecpack(which includes the BSPlayer) for free.
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    i hate kazaa gold's scam.. cheap wads stole an old version of kazaa light and craped it up with a price.

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    same as Wolfmight said

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    You know... I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or get slightly pissed off when I see a thread like this...


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