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Thread: Does anyone have a Darkside Invite that they can giveaway???

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    Sorry for the long subject title, but I wanted to be clear about what my post is for.

    I just finished reading the review on the Darkside side, and it definately seems like a good site. The speeds and content are are rated well.

    Please know that I am not asking this to pull off some fast trade later on. I am not interested in giving this account away, please be assured of that. Also, I will assure you that I will seed to 1:1 or the time limits set by the site. I do all I can to contribute, and will not give you a bad name by inviting me.

    I do not trade, so all I can ask for is kindness in return. If you require me to provide you screenshots of the sites I belong to as proof that i maintain good ratios then I would be happy to provide.

    Please PM me with any questions or requests you have, and if you agree to provide me with an invite I can provide my email address.

    Thank you for considering my request.

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    PM me an email address.

    Any other PMs will be deleted, without fail.

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    can someone give me darkside invite?

    i will appreciate it so much


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