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    I first tried StyleXP, got addicted to downloading themes.
    Then I realized that the were more and better themes avaliable for windowblinds,
    so I unninstalled StyleXP and installed Object Desktop, allowing me, using pirated serial, to download and update any Stardock product (DesktopX, IconPackager, Windowblinds, etc.).
    Windowblinds skins ANY Window/Toolbar/Button. Not like StyleXP.
    That made very happy till I couldn't download new updates anymore. I think Component Manager got obsolete since the release of Stardock Central, similar program with improved anti-piracy features, making me sad .

    Any way to hack or crack Stardock Central?

    Any other WinXP Customizer recommended?

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    Well i'm another Customisation freak

    I have customised probably all aspects of Windows before, using both custom skins and downloaded ones.

    I know about loads of programs to customise various things so feel free to PM me if your after skinning any aspect of windows or other programs

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    That happened to me too! Very depressing. I hope someone gets a crack out. I'll do some searching and as soon as I get something, I'll post it here.

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    It is sad - But give it time.

    Truth be told though, WindowsBlinds IMO takes too much and hijacks the Appearance tab in the Display Control Panel a bit too much for my liking

    In the meantime - Why not check out ThemeXP for new themes? They have links to some stable customisation programs, including StyleXP (I know you've deferred from it, but I just love it for the customisation ability to system resource ratio ), and BootXP. Collectively they sort out the main graphics custom jobs of Visual Styles, Wallpapers, Logons & Boot Screens (I would have also said Logon Loader for logins as I used before, but StyleXP takes care of that now )

    In the meantime - I'll check out the eMule & BitTorrent to see if a full package has arisen yet.

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    yes, stardock products are good but hard to find as a cracked version, especially the new ones. I have been looking for windowfx2 for such a long time, ever since it came out a month ago. Can't find anywhere, help me too if u find it...

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    Stardock updates persistantly because of piracy. The new Stardock Central software is example of this. Not only does it now prompt you for your Stardock subscription information, but it requires you to input a serial number for each component. All unique from one another. Not like how you could download say the DesktopX keygen in the past and use it for several different Stardock applications by simply changing the first two letters. "DX" for Desktop X, "WB" for WindowBlinds, "IP" for Icon Packager, etc...

    I agree absolutely with Illuminati. Stick with StyleXP.

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    time for a graveyard topic
    i have used piraced stardock products till today.
    i took my first case mod and reinstall the system.
    i am now using patchxpsp1 (uxtheme.dll patch).
    what i really need now is a Icon Packager replacement.
    any suggestions?


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