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Thread: Microsoft to dispute FCC on Internet over TV airwaves

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    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- In a document that it plans to file with the Federal Communications Commission, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT : Microsoft Corporation disputes the agency's findings that prototype devices, designed to connect consumers to high-speed Internet over unused television airwaves, either interfered with TV signals or could not detect them to avoid interference, The Washington Post reports in its Monday edition.

    The filing is Microsoft's latest attempt to get FCC commissioners to approve a plan that would let a new generation of portable wireless devices connect to the Internet without relying on existing wireless carriers. The devices in question, which were designed and made by Microsoft, would use vacant TV airwaves to carry Internet service. The airwaves will be available when TV broadcasters move to digital signals in early 2009, according to the Post. The FCC plans to hold a meeting Thursday to discuss testing options for white-space devices.

    In the document that it plans to file, Microsoft disputes the agency's recent findings that prototype devices either interfered with TV signals or could not detect them to avoid interference, the Post said. Microsoft's first prototype was defective, but the firm said another model worked successfully in a demonstration it gave to the FCC last week.


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    At least someone will be competing with google if they ever get that deal they wanted with the FCC.
    Its been awhile but I'm back... well sort of.

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    i just want universal wi-fi everywhere, just like you can get the local news station anywhere with a tv and an antenna.
    free, unsecured wi-fi broadcasted at city (instead of home) level. a pirate's dream, right?

    some koreans @ my university said there's wi-fi like that already in Seoul.

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    Why do so many people keep moving from airwave tv to cable. Well one of the reasons is improved signal. Signal glitches like normal tv can be acceptable and not degrade the ability to watch the show too much. As for data screaming - lets say.. a peice of software, one little glitch or a bit of bad weather and boom, a 700 meg file that wont open.. I am interested in the idea but I can't see it being a reliable source for your broadband.


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