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Thread: The 700meg Barrier

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    How do I make a 713 meg file fit on a 700 meg disc?


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    Is it a CD-Image file? If so, just burn it. It'll fit on the disc.

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    Ive fit 825 megs on a regular cdr before, you might even be able to fit more dunno.Make sure your burning program has overburn and make sure its enabled my personal preference is nero it does just about everything you will ever need a burning prog to do for ya.

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    If it is not in ISO format already you can use a cool little program called WinISO. with this you can create an ISO file from any files, in any directory you have. It also extracts ISO's so you can run them from your Hard drive instead of CD drive.
    WinISO also can create and extract BIN. files.
    Another cool program along the same lines is Daemon Tools. with this you can create a virtual CD ROM drive as part of your Hard drive partition. Once you set Daemon up you can create a new CD Drive, I have I:\ and J:\ now then mount your CD game or what ever program you want from a real disk onto your new virtual CD drive once mounted, you can take your real CD out of your real CD ROM drive and run your program without the need to have your real CD in the drive. Daemon Tools also lets you mount those ISO, BIN, and CUE files you just finished downloading onto the virtual CD drive so there is no need to burn your ISO's to a disk in order to use them unless you want to, and the ISO is not extracted like WinISO will do. So with these 2 tools you can do pretty much what you need with your ISO, BIN, and CUE files.

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    and if you dont wanna do all the above and the file is a movie file you could always cut some of the file out to reduce the size like cut the start or end credits off if there is any...

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    Its a movie file, so can it be made into an ISO or other type of file? Once its made into an ISO file, can it be changed back into a movie file by using the same program (WinISO)? What I want to do is transfer it to another computer.

    and what program should I use to cut out credits?

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    all 700mbs cdd-rs are actually 736mb wen burning in data mode

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    Originally posted by Dapadipz@1 July 2003 - 16:44
    all 700mbs cdd-rs are actually 736mb wen burning in data mode
    I think you will find its 703MB.

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    When it just doesn't quite fit, I've used winzip compression to shave off a bit. It may or may not work for 13mb depending on the file type, but if it does it is probably the easiest and fastest way to go.

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    Well my CDR's seem to max at 703mb, I now have 3 files that have only made me coasters. I tried using Nero and over writing, but that didn't work either.

    I have used JFuse to spilt larger mpeg files into 2 discs, but it dosen't work on my other computer. Any other good splittersI might find at SR.

    Also what programs work well for trimming an avi file.

    I will try to zip and see if that helps.

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