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Thread: Gothic 2

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    I'm trying to download gothic 2 from bit torrent (no seeders aparently right now), I'm just wondering if anyone has it and how the game play is on it?? :beerchug:

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    I installed it, played it for 15 minutes and then uninstalled. It looks good but i cannot stand the way the game works as in controls.

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    Haven't played it yet...

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    FUCK YOU GUYS gothic 2 was and still is one of the best rpg's ever... 3rd person rpg's for that matter... The controls i mean c'mon get over them, OR EVER THINK ABOUT CHANGING THEM?!! noob.. and try gothic 1 first...KICK ASS GAMe! gothic 1 ties with gothic 2's story line... i loved gothic 1 though. middle of gothic 2 right now i'ed have to say they did a good job on it. you dont really have to read all the people talk , i'ed give it a 9 out of 10,

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    No shit you can change the controls. I'm talking about how the mouse works and how you talk to people and etc. Basically, just how the selection works. It felt to awkward...

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    guys i have finished gothic 2 as mercenary and as paladin and now i will finish it as a mage.3 ways to finish a game meen a lot

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    i have played gothic 1 and 2 and finished both as paladins...cand wait for gothic 3...bye...who cand finish it, shouldnt play games...


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