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Thread: Which Site Has The Fastest Downloads?

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    Why is it every bittorent site i go to has the slowest ass downloads? I'm not waiting 350 hours for a game or movie....especially not a movie. where can i find a site that is faster or is it just me? I have a really good cable modem so whats up?

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    I'm going to assume you have no idea how BitTorrent works, so I'll just point you to this site:

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    i know how it works, but i've had a ton of people on these boards say they've gotten things like raven shield and vice city in about 3-4 hours but i've never once seen a download go that fast except for when i downloaded a patch for something.

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    check these out for downloads

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    Usually the 50kps and up speed doesnt come untill later on in the download. Almost every download I get from bittorrent starts off slow. Then it works its way up to about 50kbps. That is slow for cable but not slow for bittorrent. If you want the game or movie bad enough, you'll wait for it.

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    i'm willing to wait a while cause i dont have anything to do. but the thing is im not the only one who uses this computer so when my dad tries to use it he'll see the thing downloading and freak out and be like, what are you doing you're gonna get a virus or something and he'll cancel it, so i can do it over night, and sometimes during the day. and it always sais operation timed out or something like that, but i'm guessing that just means that i'm waiting on someone else to finish downloading or something.


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