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Thread: IP Anonymizer

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    What are you currently using, or would recommend. I am running the 3 day trial of Hide My IP. Its OK, but what free ones do the same job? THANKS!

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    Why would you want to hide your IP addy?

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    It's a distributed network of independent proxy servers, so its safer than using a single provider.

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    NONO ... NO! Do not use TOR for p2p networks. Not only do you get shitty speeds, but you also slow down the already sluggish tor network for people who want to make their IP address anonymous with other internet resources (IM, IRC, HTTP, EMAIL)
    You are going to have to pay for something like that. Try
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    If you're using Firefox it has some nice proxy-related extensions.
    it's karma..

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    nice foxyproxy. i haven't heard of that. only torbutton and switchproxy. i'll give it a try!
    *edit* eh.. switchproxy is more elegant :/
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    THANKS GUYS! I will check into these, and yes I have Firefox.

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    Oh Supajut I forgot to mention... a proxy alone does not always hide your ip address. scripts like java can reveal your ip address to the website/tracker you have connected to.

    don't ask me how, i just know that java and other scripts aren't very safe. you can use noscript, but obvious incompatibility issues do arise. for example, with noscript on.. you can't log in to myspace!


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