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Thread: Bad Boys 2

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    hey anybody now the british release dates for this film

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    no dude taht the american date any way i just done a search again and all the cinemas that have got it the first showing is wait for it 17/10/03 can you believe that its ridicalous dont believe me check the the UCI cinema website

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    superduperman can u rephrase that. and next time check the spelling.

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    I think he mentioned something bout release in Oct 17. but i cant be certain unless typo but i thought it was out really soon

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    Sometimes it comes out a week or so before the movie comes out. So whenever it's the week before the movie comes out, try look for it. Just hope u don't download a fake.

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    i thought it was out quite soon im sure ive seen it mentoined on the tv to come out within lke a month or so

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    sorry guys if i was mis understood just a bit pissed off with having to wait so long to see bb2.

    right lets try again

    bad boys 2 is released stateside on the 18 of July

    however after checking the with british cinemas
    the release date for the UK is the 17 of Oct

    there you are hope that you can all understand me now to verify this check out the 'coming soon' link here

    i am so pissed that we are getting this so late

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    Mornin rise on c4 reviewed bad boys 2 today so it cant be to long away,he said it was pretty good too but none of them know what there on about..i only take notice of barry norman I hope it is anyway i thought the first was real good


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