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Thread: The Good The Bad And The Ugley

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    Every Action has an equal an opposite reaction.
    To think possitive 100% of the time is impossible.

    Negivative action Negivation reaction.
    My feelings today need not be my feelings tomorrow.

    Coping with Negative thoughts is hard to master, To answer to a Negative gesture or Spoken word, Is in it's self a test.
    To be able to answer corectly is not always your true feeling, but your state of mind at the time.
    With life in the fast lane, we are all potential Bombs.

    My question is " How do you handle negativity"

    "I myself am a placid person, But I have got an inner Hot Spot, Which i do keep under control".

    Please give a serious answer!
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me

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    Baz, it sounds like you want to live by the "Golden Rule"
    • Do unto others - as you would have others do unto you.
    I myself prefer the Gold Plated Rule:
    • Do unto others - as they have done unto you.
    Which means that I don't turn the other cheek when I've been direspected.

    It's still better than the Lead Rule:
    • Do unto others - before they have a chance to screw you over.

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    I think we all have an inner anger just smouldering,I am a believer in violence to sort out a problem be it with yourself or somebody else.A good few rounds with a punchbag vents alot of frustration,if the anger is bottled in i cant see that you can live your life as you are always going to stew over the problem that started the anger.How many times have you heard the expression watch him/her its always the quiet ones,this came about because the quiet ones bottle up their anger and when it does eventually go it goes big time..In saying that i am believer in violence does not mean i condone it,as has been said "an eye for an eye"this is my belief.
    baz it sounds like you are in turmoil i would reccomend a bit of venting

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    Two excellent replys so far, And thank you.
    I wanted to start a topic that was a part of every day life, "Well for some"
    And I wanted to Show that i can Make an interesting thread.

    So far only one person has gone off Topic, But "Proper Bo, I tell thee" It's no problem at all with me, I find that people will come into Threads and will show their own way with dealing with this type of subject.

    I do wish for more post on this subject, Mainley to see people's opinions on this matter.

    We are all different in one way by looks, But it's what's on the inside that counts in this thread.

    I am not in turmoil, nor did i start this thread to stir anything, As there is nothing to stir, And no problems at home.
    I respect all members, And i hope you all respect me.

    Cheers guys "Baz"
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me

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    Good to see people in good moods these days

    As long as I've got a face
    You've got a place to sit

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    Here is an incident i had a few years....
    Hiya well the bus and bike story this is gonna take some typing lol...about 4 yrs ago i left for work,at the top of my road there is a crossroads,i spotted the bus coming down the road but misjudged the speed he was traveling at so i had stop in the middle of the junction(error on my half i will admit)i was turning right into a road he was turning right from opposit direction.normal people would give way to a bike especially if they are driving something 40foot long...he didnt,he came round the back of the bike and missed it by a couple of inches,I then turned right looked into my rear view mirror to see his arm out of the window giving the w***er sign,now this to me is the red rag to a bull so i turned the bike around and followed him(bearing in mind he has to stop hes a bus )once he stopped i pulled up next to him knocked on the window and said"whats your f***ing problem pal!"to which he replied"get on your little tricycle and ride away little man."
    "get on your little tricycle little man and ride away before there is trouble"
    with this i then parked my bike infront of the bus and got on,once on the bus i said "right what is your problem"
    "oh its you little man,do you know how stupid you look?"
    "infront of all these people you look really stupid."
    With this i asked for his badge number so i could report him for abusive behaviour.his response was
    "theres my fu**ing number now get of my f***ing bus before there is real trouble."
    "Oh yeah what sort of trouble would that be?"(thinking he was gonna call the police which would have been fine by me)
    "for starters i will run your bike over"
    Next thing i know his glasses have flown out of the window and blood is pouring from nose(i am not a violent person usually and hadnt even realised it was me that had hit him!!&#33he then said"right thats it"put the bus in gear took off the handbrake and proceeded to run my bike over!!!!At this point I had 2 choices get in the cab with him and really party or get off the bus and laugh.One little old dear who was sat at the front of the bus had this to say in her statement"The motorcyclist then exited the bus removed his crash helmet and appeared to be giggling to himself!"
    The police turned up asked me what happened so i told them(if i get caught its not worth lying to them)they then went and asked the bus driver what happened he said "I dont know i was serving passengers when this big motorcyclist got on the bus and hit me for no reason".suffice to say the police didnt believe him bus at rush hr on its way into town has alot of passengers/witnesses ...i also got applauded by the bus load of people and several told me that they would have hit him long time before ).it went to court i was looking at custodial sentence as i had followed the bus then got on they were saying i was the instigator(which in a perverted justice sort of way i suppose i was)but the final outcome was we were both bound over to keep the peace for 6 months because he was being charged with criminal damage as he had intentionally run my bike over.

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    how do i feel with negative people and things?

    well i have lived in a country where there has been negative feelings of sectarian hatred all my life - and its sad. I try and drown it out and forget about it - but inevitably this is impossible. so i take it to heart. it saddens me so much the amount of negative feelings there are in the world, and in my country.

    in a sense, im running away from it all, i can never ever see my country changing, or the people changing the way they think, so im out of here. i know this is the same anywhere in the world - theres just more twats here.

    now, a certain person makes me forget about all the negative feelings in the world - i can forget about almost anything.

    so i smile and just think that it aint all that bad

    hope i havnt hijacked this!

    nice thread bazza !


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    Damn Hijackers!


    As long as I've got a face
    You've got a place to sit

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    Originally posted by crazy_billy_bats@30 June 2003 - 19:31
    hope i havnt hijacked this!
    oops i hope people can be bothered to carry on reading after our 2 posts

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