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    I've downloaded Re-volt game. Re-volt is a game with small rc cars.
    It says that i must burn it on a cd to play it... Well these are the instructions:


    This is Re-Volt, to burn it on CD-R.

    First reconvert the 14 .mp3-files in 14 44kHz-CD-audio-format with the "Mpeg2Wav"-software.

    As next step burn it in MIXED-Mode (!IMPORTANT&#33 on CD-R. MIXED-Mode means, that
    1 data-tracks and 14 audio-tracks are together in 1 CD.

    The first track on the CD is the data-track with the files in the "Track 1"-folder.
    Donīt burn the folder on the CD, only the files in it !

    You had reconverted the 14 .mp3-files to 44kHz .wav-files ? Fine !
    Now the 14 .wav-files becomes the tracks 2 - 15. Normal digital-audio tracks.
    The name of the CD should be "REVOLT"

    OK ? Very well...burn the CD-R now. DAO.

    OK ? Now install the game from the new burned CD-R on your computer.

    At last replace the original "revolt.exe" in the installation-folder (on your HD) with the
    cracked "revolt.exe" (switching off the copy-protection).
    I've done all these things but when i double-click on setup nothing is happening.

    Can anyone help me on this or any suggestions???
    Thanks in advance.

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    hmm just download the verified mp3s for it.. burn em to cd with nero.

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    I've converted the mp3s to wavs as it says but the problem is on burning i think...
    When i double click on the setup nothing is happening... Can you explain me this one?
    Edit: When i open Windows Task Manager the setup.exe is in process but as i already told you nothing is happening!


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