Hi, not sure which section I should post this. Dosn't seem to fit any
I have a DVD player which supports divx/xvid and subtitles.

I wish to utilise this feature to bring up an episode summary.
Is this possible? I thought I could just edit the file.
However, I am unsure of the structure of a subtitle file.
Would the following work :
00:00:01,001 --> 0:44:00,680
-Jack, Kate and Locke investigate the hatch and find Desmond, a man living inside, who locks Kate in a closet and holds Locke at gunpoint. Shannon sees Walt in the jungle. Jack remembers operating on his soon-to-be-wife Sarah.
My reading of it is the first line would be hour/minute/second/frame# to start showing the following text and then the time/frame# to stop. Meaning, the description would last for the whole episode, if I were to leave subtitles on. Is this correct?