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Thread: Jump

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    What movie and what bit in the movie made you jump

    i was just watching Friday The 13th - Part 8 - Jason Takes Manhattan and when jason hits a hole though the bathroom door i jumpped

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    The Eye --- The part where the Blind girl is in art school and the ghost tells her 2 get of her chair....

    that gave me a jump at 1:30 in the morning

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    NeoTheOne's Avatar Poster
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    Jun 2003
    Resident evil when the zombies jst pop out of know where

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    Resident evil when you see that girl in the water and then she moves

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    The Mothman Prophecies when his dead wife rolls over in bed next 2 him...

    That was the biggest fright i have ever got from anything i screamed out in the Cinema...
    Girl that iam

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    BigBank_Hank's Avatar Move It On Over
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    Apr 2003
    During The Ring when the little girl came out of the TV had me wetting my pants. I didn't watch TV or answer the phone the next day

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    Jurassic Park 3 Thoes Dinsoaurs Just Keep Popin Up!

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    maddytherenegade's Avatar Poster
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    Jun 2003
    IIT-Kharagpur, INDIA
    JAWS-1 ..
    the guy in the ship keeps on throwing bloody meat out to lure the shark//
    he takes a break..when he resumes his throw, the shark just pops out of the ocean and gets the meat almost out of his hand..
    God, it scared the shit out of me even though i was watching it in a crappy VHS


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