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Thread: No Music? No Morals? No Problem!

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    In the good 'ole days Napster provided tons of free music. Today it only provides some free music, and you can't download it, and there's no playlists, and you have to watch lousy ads. So I put together this little app. Just search for an artist/album/track and NapSteal will fetch it, complete with ID3 tags and album art. So download and enjoy, and be please be nice: 'tis but a beta. You'll need Java, but pretty much every computer this side of the century has it.
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    lol lchammer i like the title!

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    Thanks. :-) I've put together a dirty (and not very pretty site) for the app here: Bye the bye, did it work?

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    so you are connecting to napsters servers?

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    Yes, but not in the P2P sense (I miss those days). Napster has a kinda lousy free version now where you can listen to any song three times. This app lets you search for and then download the songs as MP3s. It also gets album art and adds artist metadata. Since it doesn't use bitorrent, P2P, etc it's very fast, especially if you're behind a corporate or college firewall.

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    tried this works fine but way to low quality for me

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    That is the downside. 32 kbps is the best it can deliver, sadly.

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    thanks for the tip

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    well this is a good program and i like because i dont like waiting 4 minutes to download a song from limewire...but even tho its not the high a qualtiy itz still fine with me....the only thing that could b improved in your program is when you search for an artist you should be able to click the artist name then below it will show all the songz...instead of downloading all the songs the artist has.....but other than that a great program


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