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Thread: Can I Switch A Hd For A Different System?

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    I somehow convinced my Dad to buy my computer, so when I have the new computer (P4 @ 3GHz with 800MHz FSB and dual channel DDR 400), other than that it wil be the same system (same graphic card, except the CD writer is different) will everything plug and play okay?

    What I am asking is can I just swap hard drives for both of the computers?
    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    All things are possible, so I will add that it is possible. Note that you will have drivers on the hard drive related to the motherboard of the other system along with possible others. You may be able to switch out and go from there installing the necessary drivers if need be. What OS will you be running?

    I've done it a few time and just had to remove/update drivers. But nonetheless it worked. It's a trial-n-error task; what works for some may not for others.

    Good luck.
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    if your are leavin your os on the hard drive and it is xp you may have to activate again as you will have changed some core components, you;ll probably get a load of new hardware found aswell maybe.

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    Yeah, I have XP home. I will make sure to move the page file first because it has its own disk. Thanks for your help. I think that it will work okay, but it will definately be an adventure.

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    I've done this before on older clones. It is a bit of a hassle but doable. First off, uninstall just about all of the drivers. USB hubs, north and south bridge drivers, etc. It will ask to restart, but enter "no" until you are through. If conflicting drivers are present, or an incompatible driver the pc may not boot.


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