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Thread: registration problem

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    I have a problem with I tried yo register several times with no success. The site tells me at the end of registration that it will e-mail my password but never does. I have reason to believe that it's not my e-mail to blame cuz I tried this with several e-mail providers with the same result. I e-mailed them telling about my problem but they never responded.
    Can some one help me with this, I've run out of ideas.


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    even ,i tried doesnt seem to work.
    Is there anyother rapidshare indexers.
    Could some one list a few?

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    I was thinking that maybe it had something to do with my country code or something or maybe tyhey went on a holiday, but still weird to leave your site like that. If anyone can complete a successful registration please let me know.

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    I believe you want to register with just seems like a scam to me.


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