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Thread: Level 7+ for Seedbox

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    Ok, basically I have a hosting-ie seedbox available for 1 month to anyone that has the following:
    TT, FTN, SweDVDR, SCT and maybe ncore or NB.

    That order is preferred. Just seeing if their is much interest.
    Its hosting-ie, 30gb, 1ghz, 512 ram, unlimited.

    Let me know if interested, I have a couple of seedboxes (actually 3) so this one is free atm.

    Hope this suits someone!

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    what is the internet speed of your seedbox
    Stop the world. I want to get off!

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    Its listed as 100mbit.
    I have vectoral its not as good as that, but decent enough. Up to 5m/sec down/up. Does the job ok.

    BTW im flexiable on time if your offer is good or multiple etc...

    And I will wait a bit for offers so if I haven't replied to PM, sorry.
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