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Thread: Ratio Problem

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    I've been seeding with Utorrent for Demonoid and Torrentleech for the last 5 days but my ratio on the torrent sites have remained the same.

    I haven't switched my PC off for the five days either. I've been seeding at about 70kbs, 24/7. The only thing I think I've changed is creating an Administrator and Guest account on XP. I log in as Admin now. Could this be the problem?

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    you should contact the admins of those sites with a question like this.

    btw, stats such as your upload/download ratio are kept track of via your ip address and login,
    using a different login on your personal computer has nothing to do with it.

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    demonoid ratio changes after a day or so or u shuld surf a bit while seeding on demonoid

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    Also, you probably have DHT enabled, which means that other people who are not a part of demonoid can download from you and you get no credit on demonoid.


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