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Thread: Bios Upgrade

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    Just installed Athlon 2600 XP processor. I have a K7S5A motherbord.
    However the pc will only recognise the cpu as being Athlon 2000+
    Do I need a bios upgrade?
    How do I do it if i do?


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    maybe your board cannot take more than an ahtlon 2000?

    from manual for pcb ver 1.0 page 9

    The following list notes the processors that are currently supported
    by this mainboard.
    Athlon: 650 MHz~1.4 GHz, FSB: 200 MHz, 266 MHz

    not to sure but if you update it may support, not to sure as different pcb versions, and dont know yours.

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    Your board should support the cpu, however you will need to flash the Bios in order for the board to do so. Go to ECS Bios page. This should be your board model. (You'll notice that the 02/08/09 version has: 1. Support AMD Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+ CPU). You can flash to the most recent as it should have all the fixes incorporated into it.

    Instructions on 'How to Flash' from ECS site:
    (Yours appears to have the AMI Bios, review those instructions).

    How to use WinFlash Utility

    How to use Award Flash Utility

    How to use AMI Flash Utility

    Note: Bios upgrade useable on K7S5A PCB 1.X / 3.X
    "8-ball Corner Pocket"

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    Thanks for the advice,

    I got pretty far but when i am in dos and start the flash prog. I get the following error;

    (it starts ok)

    Chipset type - SiS SiS/SB
    Flash Pt - Winbond 49f002u_V3
    Error 2 - File does not exist

    i am using Amin F355 & 020809 upgrade!

    Any ideas??

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    Check your bus speed in the bios and make sure everything is set to maximum, the speed and multiplier.

    My Athlon XP+ only shows a speed of 1100 if the bios is set at it's normal settings 100 bus. However It is a 1700 XP (1456 real speed). The bios has to be set at the higher settings to take advantage of the actually speed.

    That reads like drivel and I canīt be arsed changing it, sorry. If you understand what I mean then you will understand the above, if you donīt then no re-writing would make any difference.

    PS I would try every option before I thought of flashing the bios. Itīs a major step. OK for the cognoscenti like corner mod, but make sure you know what you are doing before you try it.


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