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Thread: What I have and what I want

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    May 2007
    BitmeTV acc big buffer
    BitmeTV new acc
    Czone acc big buffer
    FB acc little buffer
    FB invite
    DB acc big buffer
    DB invite
    ScT acc normal buffer
    Pisexy acc big buffer
    Swebits acc big buffer
    RTS new acc
    OiNK new acc
    Thors acc normal buffer
    Thors new acc
    RevTT acc Terrabyte buffer
    RTS new acc

    What I DO NOT NEED:

    PT / iPLAY / level 5 offers or lower

    What I want:

    OiNK buffered with invites NOT used or not yet gotten invites
    SweDVDR acc + mail
    Any other very interesting offers may be recalled.

    If you pm me with offers which I do not need I will not even pm you back.

    Hope to have some good trades!

    pm me

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    PM sent.


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