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Thread: What Are Theese Programs?

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    While rooting through my program files directory about half an hour a go i noticed 2 folders, Winsysrsr and wsr, both containing .exe file's with the description Mp3filemonitoring MFC with no company specified. They where running as background tast but they have since bin disabled and are now kept safely in the recycle bin

    Can anyone shed any light on what they do and if i should be worried???

    Much appriciated


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    I didn't find that specific thing but you can look here to find things in your task manager.

    Look in the past posts in the forum, probably about 5 months ago and you will find reference to this site as well as 1 or 2 more.

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    I was wondering. Ever installed KazaA (the spyware-one)? I believe the two you mentioned are just ordinary spyware components. Get rid of them.
    Run Spybot Search&Destroy or/and Adaware.
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    These are definately not files that are supposed to be there.


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