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Thread: I need help connected to RTS IRC correctly!!

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    Can someone help me out!!

    I need help from someone who has successfully logged on to RTS IRC and started to earn the 1 Gb daily bonus.

    My computer is on day/night so I figured this would be an easy way to earn extra credit to my ratio.

    Trouble is....I am not logging on correctly! I really need help. I pm the IRC help desk but the instructions they provided does not make sense and I can't get it to work. I tried the tutorial they have on their forum so many times my eyes are crossed.

    THis is what I'm doing...

    1. I start up MIRC (version 6.2.1)

    2. I click on the "Connect" tab and Il see input boxes for your Name and your Nickname etc. I choose same nick as the one I use on the site.

    3. I then click on the "Servers" button, under the "Connect" button and I click on the "Add" button.

    4. I put RTS in for "Description" and I put "irc.r**************.org", for the server. THe port number is already set, and I leave my password field blank. The tutorial says press OK, but that choice isn't there, just *ADD*. I figure this is the same thing so I press ADD..

    5. I then choose the server that I created from the list (the one I named RTS) and press "Select". I then go back to the "Connect" screen. Here, all the fields are blank as I was told in the tutorial and I quote "The intArnets are NOT SAFE; DO NOT put in your real name and DO NOT put
    in your email address" So, all the fields in the connect screen are blank except for the field for my username and the port number.


    6. Not much happens!!!! THe MIRC window says my status is not connected, and when I input an msg into MIRC I receive the msg back that I am not connected to a channel?????

    This is stupid. I try to follow the directions step by step and I cannot even connect.

    I know there is a solution.

    So I ask, anyone who has successfully signed up to RTS IRC and received the daily bonus, can you please reply. and could you be available for me to PM to and problem solve this a bit. I am so frustrated I could spit beans!!!

    thanks for any help. Please I appreciate all who want to help, but replyonly if you are currently connecting to RTS irc site. thanks.

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    Bonus on RTS don't work. I ask on rtshelp but they think that's problem with script


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