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Thread: Always Go Back To What U Know

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    You can kind of feel it through all the miles of T3, T1, Cat 5 and Fibre cable. Some thing is going to happen soon that will cause a lot of un-rest throughout the world of the cyber jungle. Kind of the way a heard of Gazel nervously bow their heads to graze on the plain, knowing the danger has become not a matter of if, but of who will soon die! OK. I'm getting a little out of hand, I gotta stop before I get way to far into this stupid little Posting. Before you know it there will be 2 day's of un-fedard and at times un-intelligible ramblings from a overworked, under paid Computer Technician. So now I will stop and get to the point, I don't want to end-up like when I was about 17 years old and I took that 4 way hit of Window Pane LSD and sat up in my Treehouse for 2 days playing Guitar thinking I was Jimmy Page!
    OoooKkkk. Simple question, does anybody know of a few good FTP sites for doing some uploading and downloading? I figure I will go back to the old ways for a little while until all this P2P and the record industry shit dies down a bit. I would suggest everyone on this forum do the same, just in case. I know they can't catch us all, but it would be one MOFO if you were the chosen one, Ya Dig?

    Latter, Out. netwerkjim B)

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    spose so

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    does anybody know of a few good FTP sites for doing some uploading and downloading
    you can discuss this somewhere else .. but not here at this forum



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