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Thread: Update: Bios doesnt detect ANYTHING thats set to secondary slave

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    so, i think it was yesterday i posted the thread about adding a second hard drive, and i found out that the bios wont find anything thats the secondary slave.
    I dont understand why, it worked before, maybe i changed the settings in my bios? I know i reset it to setup defaults.
    So is there any way i can get it to work?
    I guess ill tinker around with my bios settings but before when i did it i dont remember changing the settings in the bios. oh yeah and the pc is a gateway from 1999.



    ok i was playing around and i got it to work. thanks!
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    so why are you creating a new thread if you just made one yesterday?

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    Since he is talking about a second hdd, does he really mean a secondary slave, or is it actually a primary slave or a secondary master?

    Obviously though, this thread is secondary to the original.

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    Ok, sorry about the confusion but i didnt really know what i was talking about when i made the first thread and i thought that i was a hard drive problem but then i found out that it wasnt detecting anything (hard drive or not). sorry about that.

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    If its not detecting anything then check your ide ribbon to see if its plugged in fully at the motherboard and then try again. If that doesn't do it try a new ribbon. Don't use cable select on your drives, use master and slave for the jumper positions. Master is always your boot drive and is connected at the terminating end of the ribbon and a second drive would be jumpered as slave and put in the center of the ribbon. Make sure you didn't put the ribbon to the motherboard backwards, the end that connects to the mobo has the longest section to get to the middle connector. (mobo |----------|-----| master).


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