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Thread: Genica Network Card comes up as ASound Ethernet Card

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    Hello everyone,

    So as you may know, im trying to get rid of all the extra pc parts in my basement, so i decided to stick an old genica 788 network card into an old pc, and i had lost the drivers. I put it in and booted up and it said that everything was installed fine, but i looked under device manager and it says ASound Ethernet Card.

    Now i have dial up so i dont really have any way to test it at the moment.

    Now i downloaded the drivers off the website. And i go to update driver and it says that the ASound driver is better.

    So should i disable the drivere and install the Genica one or should i test it first?

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    As far as I can tell, Genica products are usually just rebadged items from other manufacturers, so there's a possibility that this is the case here and Asound was the original manufacturer.

    However, when windows has found what it thinks is the right driver for the card, if you try to install any substitute driver it will give you that sort of warning, so that's no guide as to the true identity either.

    If you can, test it first.

    These are the drivers from Genica themselves:


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