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Thread: Ethernet Lan Without Hub?

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    Trying to create an Ethernet Network between 2 machines, using my new one as the gateway thingy (pardon the jargon) to the cable modem. Both run XP. Do I have to connect Cable Modem-> My PC-> Hub -> Other PC?
    My motherboard has 2 Ethernet ports, so I was hoping I could cut out the hub and just connect the machines directly, but I'm not having much luck.
    Little help anyone please?

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    If you are connecting two PCs directly, you need to use a 'crossover' Cat5e cable.

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    exactly what lamsey said...

    just get that crossover wire... its pretty cheap

    U.S. Store~

    when you get it just plug in the cable to the eternet cards.... and i think xp does it automatically...

    i did mine with 98 n xp... :/

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    dont get them at radio shack there 15 bucks for a 25ft cord

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    Cheers guys, i'll give it a try.

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    I have an ehternet card for my DSL. And I have another ethernet for my "Crossover Wire" which connects to my kid's PC.

    I use a 6 inch crossover wire, which is plugged into a normal 50 foot wire. Plug one end to your PC, and the other end to the other PC.

    Go to Network Connections in XP and make sure that the work group name is identical between PCs, for those connections. Keep ypur Cable/DSL name different.


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