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Thread: Anyone use sv?

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    Howdy all.. New here...
    was just wondering...
    Does anyone use scenevets? I Have a few torrents sites already but I hate signing up for new sites then not liking them and still having an account there ect ect...
    Saw this one posted a few times in open trackers.. sorry for going on and on was just wondering....

    P.S. if this is the wrong section im sorry

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    Get TorrentLeech invite. It's the only 0day site you'll need until you get SxN, FxN etc.

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    i use scenevets but of course you should get TL invite.. later if you need you can get other tracker..

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    Thanks for the responses.... Why is it there are not many "leechers" on sv...

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    Quote Originally Posted by systrex View Post
    Thanks for the responses.... Why is it there are not many "leechers" on sv...

    They have a lot of new stuff though from what i can tell its not a very old site... I believe they just started freeleech for a while just until they get a good amount of torrents on there

    Support for movies and tv looks good though *shrugs*



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