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    Could you please e-mail me the tabit 1.57 and the key file? do you have aim? email?

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    Please post this in Requests

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    i got the key 4 version 1. pm me if u want it

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    tell me if this serial works. if it doesnt then i will try and find the latest 1 4 ya.

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    Ok, there's one or two serial numbers for tabit going around the net - THEY DO NOT WORK. You need the .key and/or the .rgk files for Tabit to work. Opivy has them he says. PLEASE SHARE.

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    wt duz "bump" mean

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    Originally posted by Dapadipz@2 July 2003 - 21:42
    wt duz "bump" mean
    bring up my need the tabw161.rgk to get the tabs off of the site

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    Hey man, I have it, but this is the thing, tabit got messed up, but can you post the actual program file (not the new version) on here, and ill send you everything, ok? I just need the actual install file, to install the program again, and then ill send you the crack, and how to upgrade it to the new version.


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