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Thread: By God, Another Mr. Bean Movie?!

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    I just saw a commercial for what seems to be a new Mr. Bean film with a James Bond style theme.

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    What's funny is his name in this movie is not Bean. Seems like the same character though; they are trying to market it differently.
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    Johnny English is the film you mean, its ok.

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    Its f**king terrible in my opinion. Worst film i've seen in years, didn't laugh once. Apart from a couple of small scenes there aren't any jokes that u haven't been expecting for about 5 minutes.

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    Johhny English isn't Mr Bean, they're just played by the same actor, Rowan Atkinson. The character is actually from a run of Commercials here in the UK in the early 90's for Barclaycard.

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    Mr bean was hilarious but this film was a big let down. it sucks massive nobso dont go see it or dl it

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    Wait a second. You've jus saw that trailer??? that film was out time ago

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    Be afraid!!!

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    Originally posted by Bait Master@1 July 2003 - 17:19
    Be afraid!!!

    lmfao hahahaha that one gave me my laugh of the day...lmfao

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    Johnny English was really, really, really bad

    there is also a cartoon series of mr bean here in the uk, it's pretty dire.

    the mr bean series on tv was good though, i have to say i enjoyed it

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