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Thread: I Need A Good Game To Play

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    well the kind of games i like are rpg(ff,bof etc) and i like first person shooters, i realley want a fps game what is the best? and tell me what the file is?

    Smith is a bag of douche,FACT.

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    my favorite fps (im sure youve heard of it) is Day of Defeat, an online multiplayer game, set during WWII. It uses an old graphics engine, but it is still fun when you get the hang of it. you can download this from all you need is half-life
    my favorite RPG style game is Fallout, either the original or Fallout 2, they are both great fun. Set in the future after a nuclear holocaust, you travel around from town to town with one maing mission, to save the people of your in-ground vault.

    i probably turned you away from these games because im not good at describing things, but they are all great games in my opinion.

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    America's Army is a very fun first person shooter (sniper only servers rule&#33

    Tribes 2:Arael Asault is a very advanced FPS.. requires team skillz

    If you like War/Strategy games check out "Rise Of Nations".. that game got rid of everything people hate about war/strategy games and is like the perfect War/Strategy game right now.


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