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Thread: need help in PREtorians - got bad problem

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    i got invite to the PREtorians tracker. (someone was nice and trade with me for lower lvl).
    when i try to log in, its say wrong pass or user,well i did recover the dit of the acc.
    but when i try again with the dit i got on the mail its says the same.

    i go to there irc, i spole to logitech but i didnt realy understund him. i think he say that i didnt active my acc, but i didnt get an activate mail so dont know what to do.

    i dont know hungarian.

    can someone help me? what i need to do know?

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    I don't know what you did wrong... If you don't speak hungarian it is really easy to make a mistake... So if you don't understand something, just post it here and i will translate it for you...


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