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Thread: Can't minimize FF window by left clicking on taskbar

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    Ok the FF button on the tasbar now is currently 'pushed in'. When I go down to click on it with my left mouse button, i just gets 'pushed out' but the FF window doesn't get minimized.
    it's so queer. other apps work, like foobar.exe and explorer.exe and utorrent.exe. however, my outpost firewall window has the same problem as my firefox window.
    i really don't want to have to reinstall my firewall... but i'll reinstall ff to see if that fixes da prob.

    you guys may remember from my previous threads that i f*** around with my registry, not backing it up... so yeah my reg settings could be the source of the problem.

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    I remember. If the problems start to mount a complete reinstall will solve your problem.

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    If you uninstall FF first and not use a regcleaner your bookmarks should still be there on a new install .


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