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Thread: bitmetv and sct download rules?

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    how strict are the hit'n run rules from bitmetv and sct sites. they want the files uploaded to 1:1 ratio but i have a pretty decent buffer on both sites and i dont want to share every file i download for days. it really defeats the purpose of having huge buffers. i'm still going to seed some files to 1:1 but sometimes i just want to download, watch and turn off my pc.

    so, how strictly do they enforce the hit'n run rule?

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    sct doesnt really care,
    even if you drop off the torent quick itll still be really fast for everyone,
    just dont hnr on torrents with hardly any seeders
    as liong as you keep a good overall ratio though youre pretty fine

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    nice. thanks for that info

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    Sct doesn't care about Hit'n'Run as long as your ratio allows it
    /not sure about bmtv anymore :s
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    I think BitmeTV have a strict rule in the Hit'n'Run situations!
    FLiP all the way!

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    Dont think anyone will care even on BMTV if you HnR on a 0day torrent with lots of seeders. But for such a site with a lot of older material they have to enforce HnR rules on the packs with fewer seeders to keep them alive.

    Which I applaud btw, no site with such a broad and big TV collection (or near it)

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    The strictest rule on bitmeTV is when you make a request for some torrents to be reseeded.
    In that case you have to either seed it up to 1:1 or seed it for 1whole month. Otherwise you might get a warning.

    You understand that even in this case you don't have to seed it up to 1:1 nesessarily.

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    From the BitmeTV FAQ:
    DON'T LEAVE A SWARM that has a low seed to leech ratio until either:
    • The swarm has lots of seeds and you can do more good seeding elsewhere
    • You have reached 1:1
    So, you don't have to seed back to a 1:1 ratio on torrents with a lot of seeders.

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    just read FAQ and you find everything ScT really don't care about Hit and Runs.. but you should seed because you want to keep good ratio i think


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