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    Ok my old computer its quite old 3.2 Gig Hard Drive with 64 MB Ram with windows 95 well umm i formatter my disc but before that i ran a program that deletes things as permanent as u can but well i kinda erased every single thing in my WINDOWS folder and well every single thing in my C:\ drive. then i re-formatted my Hard Drive and i didn't make a back up disk. i then tried to download a boot up disk but when i put it in it said "remove disk and all other media" and so far the only thing i have been able to get into it the BIOS does anyone know of anything i can do to get past all this and install an OS back in and everything? thanks

  2. Software & Hardware   -   #2 me and win2k can both boot from cd, but they have very little legacy support. Your best bet would be to use a friends computer to make a boot disk and use it to boot up the install program. Win98 would be a better choice than 95, assuming you can find drivers. If you go to the add/remove programs dialog in the control panel and use the lower tab you can make a boot disk. You will, of course, need a copy of the os and a formatted floppy.

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    did u changed the boot sequence in your bios? you'll need to tell it to check the floppy first for a boot disk. and im assuming your harddisk is fat system.


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