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Thread: DVI problem with lcd/videocard?

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    I have a Samsung 710T monitor connected via Monster DVI cable to my pc, which has a ati radeon 9600 pro. Up until now, it has worked smoothly. Just today, I had to uninstall old version of some scanning software and reboot. Screen was blank. It took me a few minutes to realize to try a vga cable, which worked. I spent the next few hours, trying to do a restore, upgrading .net framework, upgrading directx files, upgrading ati catalyst driver, lastest monitor drivers, etc. Still, I can not get my system to boot in digital mode. Hardware manager lists the monitor as digital, etc. Switching between digital/analog just jumps me back to the vga connection. (Yes, I have tried booting since then without the vga cable and just the dvi cable and no change there).
    Any help guys? -thanks

    edit-fixed. thanks anyways.
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