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Thread: Unix Linux Questions

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    Hi. I'm a Computer Science student and I'm a total newbie when it comes to Unix and Linux. I've heard a lot of great things about Unix, especially its significance in the Computer Networking field. That's why I'd really want to study Unix and become a guru. So before I start studying, I'd like to as a couple of questions...

    Do I need Linux to learn Unix?

    Can I have a life and study to become a Unix guru at the same time?

    How long did it take you to become a Unix expert/guru?

    I'd really appreciate comments and advices from you, fellow FST members.


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    Hi mate,

    i must say first that i'm not a Unix god or guru but definitly interested in the subject. I'm a computer engineer and honnestly, i graduate without knowing much about Unix/Linux, which is a shame. My work as lead to me to learn it by myself

    My advice is to install Linux on your PC first and start reading some Linux books. Linux is the little brother of Unix for PC and the concepts learned on Linux will be good for Unix as well most of the time. Since Unix systems aren't meant at all to be home computer that's the best way to start learning it.

    It's not that long to be efficient on a Linux/Unix when you already have good general understanding of computers. A couple of months and you should be fine

    Most of the time, Unix Guru are working as Unix sysop/admin or IT Architect. It's a lifetime achievement!

    So my advice is simple, start by installing Linux at home and read a couple of books, you won't feel being a linux noob after that. that's what i did and i'm now confortable with it even though i still have a lot to learn, particulary on fail-over mechanism in business architecture

    hope this helps

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    Could this please be moved to the Linux section?



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