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Thread: whats a good site for music torrent flacs

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    I Know about Demonoid, and oink, is there any other you can register without hassles or invites?, Like Demonoid has a waiting period for registering at end of month.

    Anything other site that has alot good music in Losless using torrent?
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    pedro lossless

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    i second oink and pedro's as starting points

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    thanks, Ill try pedros, but ill wait till they open reg or when i get an invite later

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacmanfever View Post
    Like Demonoid has a waiting period for registering at end of month.
    But still it depends what kind of music you like coz i know some other good site 0day stuff without torrent...

    But in torrent you got that...

    *LossLess Legs





    *Demonoid u can register now !

    *TapeDown free signup if you like rap



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    Ive been using Demonoid, Ive gotten alot of Flac from there, like alot of rock, but the hard to find stuff im trying to find is Synth-pop, New Wave, Punk, of 80s and late 70s these are hard to find.

    Lossless files is what im releasing or collecting
    I got A friend at Oink, but hes not a Power User, and cant offer a Invite, so Ill have to wait or find someone to invite me. Think thats the best place for quality and rarety files.

    I Have alot Rare Canadian New Wave Cds ive been buying and collecting and want to hook up at good site, the only place Ive been using that has alot of Lossless with some rare stuff is Demonoid, but hear my friend raving about Oink having alot rare 80s cds in lossless.
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    pedros is good, exigo is the best but harder to get into.

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    And for dance/techno/trance FLAC music?

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    e**** pwns all above !
    I dont Trade/Ask/Sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SecureInvitee View Post
    e**** pwns all above !
    no oink pwns all, the only reason you posted this is becasue you have exigo, whoopdee fucking doo, its one of the most overrated sites, its not very fast, the selection is not that great and the staff suck ass

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