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Thread: Active Skin Error

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    I've created myself a problem, I do not know how. Too amny silly downloads maybe.
    When I try to play an Audio CD in either CD's, I get a prompt Error saying "Active Skin Error" - wmmp Module encountered a problem. The inf. supplied error signature wmmp.exe, I find that file and one other in windows\prefetch folder. I have tried system restore to 2 days ago but same problem comes up. Anyone got any ideas, please

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    sounds like maybe corrupt skin in wmp? does ur cd player have a play button? if so just put it in and press the play button, should work.
    if not get winamp, its a hell of a lot better than wmp.
    if your getting winamp get winamp 2 not winamp 3.

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    I have now found out that they are 2 of these new CD's with encryption to stop you using Media Player and recording. Instead software is built into the CD which launches a mini player for playback only. This feature works OK on a friends PC, but on mine I just get a prompt saying Active Skin Error. That is my problem, as well as not being able to add these to my album library in MP, any ideas?

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    try reinstallin winamp to get the defualt skin back

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    I din't use Winamp, I use Media Player. Would you suggest reinstalling that element of Windows. If so why would the CD's dedicated player require anything to do with Windows?


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