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    I've gotten the hang of mirc, bittorrent, emule, kazaa etc., but i'm having a lot of trouble with newsgoups - i've looked up a few tutorials on the net -but i can;t find any that explain it on a basic level - ie if i want to download a particualr file how do i go about it from start to finish - any help would be great - thnx.

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    well its very easy if you have a good isp server to connect to, also what program are you using, i think newsbin pro is the best and easiest out there.

    Basically if you have a good server that has a lot of complete files then your sorted but if you have a crap one that either doesnt have files at all or they are all incomplete then you might have to think of signing up for a good newsgroup server like easy news or something.

    get your self newsbin pro 4.5 off kazaa (thats where i got mine) and just have a mess about with it, if your still stuck just come back here and tell me what the problem is, and ill try to be of some help.


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    Im With BT in the UK have They gt a newsgroup. if not are there any good free ones. cheers


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