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Thread: Possible giveaway

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    I'm back! :o BT Rep: +12BT Rep +12BT Rep +12
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    As the title says, This may be a giveaway for the below:

    10 week+ RevTT account with:

    Power User status
    Donator status
    100+ gig buffer.

    Now the part that makes it a maybe

    I wont give the account away until someone posts something that makes me want to give it to them. This isnt a standard "2 ratio screens and speedtest" type thing.

    I dont trade, So this tracker has no value to me, If i dont find someone i think will respect the account, I would rather it be inactive and get deleted tbh. Reason being, If someone screws it up, I dont want anyone else in the "invite tree" to be screwed over too.

    With all that said, Convince me you should have it if you need it

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    hm it would be handy to come even revTT invitation for me because i was searching for a long time for revTT inv or acc i need revTT because i herad that they have good contekt and speed + i am not an trader because i don`t trade acc and i am not an cheater...and if you giveaway this n give to me i will take care of acc and i will use it for shure...if you what my speedtest + my ratio in all my acc i can show you...and i hope that you will made me happy that i finally get in revTT...
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    tyler78's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35
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    i dont have much just using TL.and revtt is good as tl.i want it bcoz i dont have much tracker to use.and iwill keep up the good ratio.u dont have to worry about ratio.and i wont trade it.never.and never cheat.just asking for use it.if u want i wont change pass and mail and u can check my ratio all the time if u want.plz.

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    I need it


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    tbh, I have but 2 great trackers at the moment. RTS and Bit-HDTV. Being new accounts I am building up my ratios at the moment. I am looking for great trackers and have heard great things about revTT. I don't cheat, I don't "hit & run" I seed for the amount of time stated in the rules and/or until it's met ratio standards. Getting revTT would mean a lot and I surely wouldn't go and trade it. I don't plan on screwing up and causing harm to other invite tree members. You can check on the account as many times as you want to see if I am worthy of having it, which I can tell you now that I am and can be trusted. I don't break any rules, and follow them as best I can, just like on any other forum. I have not been banned/warned on any tracker and never plan on being banned or warned. Hope you take this into consideration...

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    KAVKASIELI's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +20BT Rep +20BT Rep +20BT Rep +20
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    beautiful tracker
    first of all

    good content(what is very importent for everybody)

    easy to seed (this is importent only for peoples with low connection as I)

    Nice design (This is importent for the users with taste==>including me )

    not very easy to get (you know
    what is easy to get, it's not interesting for the masses==>including me)
    It's very wholesome to eat and drink, but what profits it to board?
    What thou givest away is thine,what thou keepest is lost

    Shota Rustaveli

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    ROFL-LOL's Avatar I Like You BT Rep: +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30
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    I've started shool again at tuesday. theres over 50 kilometers to my school and i'm in the school 12 hour/day (8 hours in school, 4 hours in bus&train). I know that revtt is very great tracker. And that buffer is nice. And now when i'm nostly in school i don't have time to make buffers. Only time is weekend but then i spend time with faminly and friends. I'll hope that you could give that account for me because i don't have any change download anything now because i don't wanna ruin my ratios. Of course i'll always seed 1:1 or 36/72 hours back. I'm not gonna talk about the content, speeds and pretimes because those stories has heard so many times before.

    Enjoy of reading this.

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    Mhmm.. BT Rep: +4
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    I've currently been borrowing one of my close friend's Revolution TT account, because back then I had relied on the number of invites being given. But since I have never gotten an account for myself, I've regret it, because I can find almost anything on Revolution TT, and I would always get top speeds. I reckon now I should be having my own account on Revolution TT, as opposed to bugging my buddy on whether I can lend his account or not. I have never cheated or traded any account, and I don't plan to either, anytime. I'm definitely hoping for your consideration! Thanks a lot, and great giveaway by the way!

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    I heard that CH.W.D.F is posting there first and since they're releasing polish stuff it's just right for me

    of course I don't cheat and like their logo much
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    you suck, don't you?
    are we supossed to be clowns, take a laugh of you so we are worth it?
    if you can't use it just give it away

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