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    i set up my router and it works grate lower pings in games faster web surfing BUT wen i try to host a ftp server or an online game it wont work out side my network and the ftp server ses my ip is but wen i go to it ses my ip is now i have a good idea y it is doing this but wont i dont know is how to fix it

    Thanks For Aney Help u can Provide
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    to setup a ftp server behind a router you will have to give people your wan ip, e.g the 2nd u gave, as this is the i.p seen by the internet. the other i.p you gave is your lan i.p or local i.p and can only be seen by people on your network.
    to use the ftp server you will need to forward port 21 on your router the your lan i.p then to access the ftp server, you will need to use you wan i.p

    edit: its port 21 tcp


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