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Thread: VIPMUSIC invites to giveaway

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    Because they are giving more invites they used to I have a few to spare :-)

    Write here why you want an invite to VIPMUSIC*

    and then PM me with your valid email address.

    Please note, if I you PM me and you won't write an explanation post in here, I will ignore you.

    The first the better

    *Those of you, who don't know vipmusic, like it says, is a site/tracker with music content (mp3, mvid, mvdr). Also, there are awesome collections, even of few GB.
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    I need a music tracker. I have everything else covered. Would love an oink, but that will probably be a long time coming. Until then I need a place to get some music. I always have a good ratio and am active in the forums. I don't trade. Account is only for myself. Thanks.



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