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Thread: Copying Protected Cd's - Best Method?

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    I have Nero and would like to be able to make backup copies of protected software.Will this program do the job or do i need different software?Also,what do all the different modes like RAW etc all about?I tried to make a backup copy of my Jedi Outcast game but it didnt work.Are burn speeds important etc?Any advice please?Thanks

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    try clone cd. i think its better for copying certain games.

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    Maybe you should also update NERO (latest version:

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    i agree with livy clone cd is one of the better cd copying programs when it comes to copying protected cds.

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    Always try and check what kind of protection the cd has as this can help u choosing the method of burning etc. Theres various tools at and u should also read up there about what all the different protections and write modes are. As for burning/reading the disks, i recommend blindwrite or as Livy said clonecd (for games theres a database for clonecd with recommended settings).


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