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    i dont no why but my tv card only finds 2 channles does ne one no why

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    Any chance of you telling us what card you are using? Might get a response by someone who may be using that card vs. just saying "i dont no why but my tv card only finds 2 channles does ne one no why"
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    dont matter now i fixed it

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    also giving an explanation of how you fixed it helps other users with the same problem, rather than another post, "i only get 2 channels whats wrong".

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    ok sorry i didnt have alot of time before,

    what i was doing wrong was searching for all the channles "mtv,mt2" when all i had to do was find the one channel and it is just like the sky when i change the channel it will change on the computer

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    w/ ur tv card do u need cable to get access to mtv. i only have basic meaning local only and i was wondering if i get a tv tuner does it mean im still stuck w/ the basic or can i get the other channels


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