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Thread: I Have A Problem With Dirctx 9

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    Hi,i'm David.

    I hhad installed directx 9 so I can Play Gta:Vice City.Ok,i removed the game and I want to remove the direct x so i can put a new set of directs (8.0).My video card is a 3dfx Voodoo 4,I can't find drivers for that Directx so that's why i want to do that.

    Can you give me a link to a driver for Windows XP and Voodoo4 so i can use without unnistall directx 9?

    If I must unnistal it,How I make it?Give me all the step,please.

    I already try a lot of programms like Directx Erradicator, Directx Unnistaller and
    Directx 9 unnistaller.


    see ya....

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    those programs you tried are the only way to get rid of direct x on xp. but directx is an integrated component of xp now so you have to have it for xp to run properly. i know that newer versions of directx eradicator will rollback to directx 8.1, but now it requires that you have the original xp disc to do so. if you have your original xp disc (not an oem recovery disc, they wont work), just insert your disc and run the newest version of directx eradicator (download here). it will rollback your directx to v8.1.

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    BTW,do you know how can i mannually erase old drivers?


    see ya....

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    duno why people have DX9 problems.. i never did


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