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Thread: Championship Manager 4 - Enhancement Pack 4

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    Isn't it weird that DEViANCE released a trainer for Enhancement Pack 4 BEFORE some other group released a cracked EXE for that pack?

    Or am I mistaken, and someone did release a crack/a crack isn't needed?

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    im on 4.03 in the 2012 with Real Madrid, I cant be arsed to download another pack just to start again, unless there any any real significant improvements.

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    the new packs save game compatible, so you can still continue..

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    Does this pack give the players their history's...

    I want sum player history's

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    OK, forgot what I said... DEViANCE released a cracked update a few hours ago. Oh, and here's what the pack fixes:

    Please note, this enhancement pack contains all the fixes contained in Enhancement Packs 1, 2 and 3 as well as the following:

    - Tuned Czech league attendances
    - Fix obscure crash when a player involved in a p/ex transfer retires during it
    - Make injury records self repair if corrupted by bad-sector
    - Reduced number of retirements due to injury
    - Made person team records self repair if corrupted by bad-sector
    - Made team records self repair if corrupted by bad-sector
    - Fixed weather distribution
    - Fixed ability problems with regenerated players in inactive leagues
    - Improve selection for "Manager of Month" awards
    - Improved reputation changes due to promotion/relegation
    - Fixed bug where Northwich move to a massive 200,000+ seater stadium
    - Made players clubs look for take into account whether the club is active in Europe more
    - Adjusted progression of agility and balance characteristics for players
    - Fixed contract decision news for non playing staff when no news body text was getting generated.
    - Coach and scout reports can now be done on players who are on trial.
    - Tweaked player injury distribution
    - Tweaked player long term tiredness/jadedness
    - Tweaked manager job applications to make movements easier
    - Team/squad screen now keeps the view type permanently.
    - Fixed problem with network clients using other languages. Match reports/club names, etc were not being translated.
    - Manager sackings are now listed on a teams 'Staff Out' page.
    - A player can now accept a contract renewal and a loan contract at same time.
    - On the match screen, clicking on the minute label of a sending off or injury now shows the highlight of that event.
    - Loans are now permitted between English Premiership teams from 2003.
    - Player's trial spell at a club in his playing history is now shown as "Trial" and not "Loan".
    - A player signed from free transfer now has "-" shown in his history instead of "Unknown Club".
    - Moving a player from one team to the other sometimes did not update the title text properly.
    - Group draw news was sometimes not being sent to teams.
    - Fixed a few interface problems when 2 or more humans are playing matches on the same machine on the same day.
    - For nations where trialists are allowed to play competitive matches, the trial screen no longer states that trialists cannot play.
    - Players withdrawn from national teams now get repicked properly in future matches.
    - Fixed friendly screen bug where choosing a team would sometimes result in a different team being selected.
    - Auto team selection for national teams no longer uses players from U21 team.
    - Fixed spelling mistake in transfer embargo news item
    - Stopped you're player's who are on loan from being offered to you
    - Allowed offers in excess of 50m
    - The competition button on a nation screen now takes you to the group that the nation is playing in for that competition instead of the first group.
    - If a nation does not have any awards, the awards button is not displayed on the menu for it.
    - Reduced the number of club's who show an interest in a player as soon as the human manager makes an approach for him
    - Stopped computer teams from making bids of 0 over 6 months
    - When signing a player/assistant the news item now says player/assistant rather than just assistant
    - Stopped players asking for a min fee release clause when one has already been offered
    - Fixed the return from holiday once appointed holiday option
    - Fixed the apply for higher jobs holiday option
    - Fixed <%person#1> appearing in international result news (English Only)
    - Tweaked the good form limit for teams, should mainly affect the player praise/criticise news items
    - Added new values to drop down box for contract clauses
    - Fixed some missing responses in the manager promise screen
    - Added a cancel button to the friendly proposal screen.
    - Fixed problem with incrementing small values in foreign currencies
    - Ensured asking price is not shown if same as value
    - Live league table should always be updated properly now at all times in a match.
    - Filter panel on Clubs & Nations screen now works every time when you use your screen history to go back to that screen.
    - Stopped loan offers beinf recieved for players who only have short time left on their contracts
    - Added acceptable default date of birth to add manager screen
    - Nationality sorting on squad screen now works
    - The "Change Player" button now works on the draft screen when 2 players are taking part in the draft on one machine.
    - When a player hit the Finish button on the draft screen, the next pick was always passed even though it might not have belonged to that player.
    - Added "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "club name" option for a new config file called ".ddt" this will retain all the players for the club/s specified.
    - Some transfer offer screen fixes for MLS transfers.
    - The person search filter dialog was not getting set up properly when viewed from an MLS draft list.
    - Team of the week now shows player circles in correct team colours.
    - Removed non promotion/relegation release clauses upon promotion
    - Margate home games are now displayed as &#39;home&#39; and not &#39;neutral" for the period in which they groundshare.
    - Fixed national job crash when selecting australian league
    - The transfer offer negotiation screen now has better checking for when an offer is changed by the selling club.
    - Stopped first team poll news from saying that not one single fan wants the player in the first team, when 1% did.
    - Stopped assistant manager from accepting exchange player offers when you&#39;d asked him not to buy anyone.
    - Fixed undo changes action on set transfer status screen.
    - Free transferring a player now does not cancel any free transfer he has arranged.
    - Fixed the "nearing end of contract" text on contract offer screen.
    - Real Sociedad can now buy foreign players.
    - Contract offer screen no longer shows "-1 years left on contract" for youth contract players.
    - Altered response to loan rejection from players (not as harsh every time now).
    - Fixed the "on 1 minutes" text bug for goal descriptions within news items.
    - When Draft Allocations option is selected on a team&#39;s transfers view, the tick is now shown in the correct place.
    - Altered the settings required to determine whether an international team is bigger or a lot bigger than thier opponents in the news item.
    - Stopped <%team#1-short> from being displayed when a player doesn&#39;t have a club (award screen).
    - Stopped computer clubs from making offers for U17 players.
    - Stopped <%position#1-lowercase> appearing in player conflict news items
    - Tuned interest from Italian clubs and players in going on loan
    - Fixed &#39;The average rating of <%fraction - average rating>&#39; news item string
    - Changed a misleading manager confidence news string

    Scouts & Searches
    - Improved scout report news text
    - Prevented scouts recommending players they don&#39;t rate
    - Scouts did not pick up promising youngsters on free transfer

    Network, Hotseat and Internet Play
    None at present

    Wages, Finances and Board Interaction
    - Prevented boards taking out loans if the club is solvent
    - Lowered frequency of dividends
    - Tuned amount of cash injections from the board due to competition performance
    - Tuned non-player wages
    - Tuned wage caps for smaller nations slightly
    - Tuned club reputation changes during promotion/relegation
    - Made board request improvements from training always noticable (ie. text change should be visible)
    - Made boards slightly less harsh for impatient chairman
    - Tuned Korean player valuations
    - Tuned South African player valuations
    - Tuned Slovakian player valuations
    - Graduated increase in ground maintainance at a slightly gentler rate as a club improves standards

    Player Happiness
    - Lowered the amount of time that players stay upset when a friend or admired player is transfer listed
    - Adjusted the amount of players upset by a player being transfer listed
    - Made players less likely to indicate they were expecting to leave the club

    - Stopped players being injured when not training in rare circumstances

    - Fixed Match engine picking its own human captain regardless in some circumstances
    - Fixed changing captain during a match did not update match screen/stats

    - Added reserve leagues to Norway
    - KFC Dessel now play theie belgian 2nd division games at 7.30pm
    - Fiorentina won&#39;t play the Italian cup in the first year
    - Regional relegation now will occur in Serie C1 and C2
    - Belgian playoff matches played on neutral ground
    - Italian discipline rules now ensure ban recieved in a competition only applies to that competition
    - Added Danish reserve leagues
    - Greece now has U21s instead of U18s
    - 32 First phase Champions League teams now get share of total tv money at end of competition
    - Final MLS league standings are now added to a team&#39;s league history properly
    - Spanish league schedules are now better organised
    - Italian league schedules are now better organised
    - Fixed a problem where teams from Yugoslavia and Croatia were not arranging friendlies with teams from the same nation
    - Spanish cup now finishes earlier on World Cup/Euro Champ years
    - Belgian friendly dates are now closer to the start of the season
    - Clubs in Israel now have reserve and U18 teams
    - If the UEFA Cup winner qualifies for the Champions League through their domestic league, they now go into the Champions League instead of the UEFA Cup
    - Fixed relegation from the Israeli League
    - Changed the French League Cup final date
    - Players can now not play for 2 different teams in the Brazilian Cup.
    - Brazilian State Leagues now add records to their history when they finish
    - Clubs in Israel now have reserve and U18 teams
    - Copa America should only hosted by South American nations now
    - Fixed Irish Munster Senior Cup final date for 2003 season onwards
    - Mexican teams playing in South American continental competitions can no longer have a domestic game on the same day as a continental cup game
    - Fixed a problem with the Copa Libertadores final
    - Changed some World Cup CONCACAF qualifying dates and Panamerican Cup dates to avoid clashes
    - Fixed french cup winner being added to the ninth round twice.
    - Chinese cup is now played in a 6 day period and at 8 different satdiums.
    - Chinese foreigners rule is now -- less than 4 in first 11, less than 5 in squad
    - Fixed hungarian cup which had too few lower league teams.
    - Three chinese transfer rules added 2 domestic and 1 for foreign players.
    - Israeli league suspensions start after 5 yellow cards.
    - Israeli clubs now get money at the end of the season regardless of position.
    - Turkey will have no teams in the intertoto in 2002 and 2003.
    - New transfer window for brazil from 1st january to the 31st july.
    - South korea now does not enter the Copa america.
    - Copa america should be played every 4 yrs.
    - Colombian foreigners rule changed to 4 foreigners in match squad.
    - Copa liberatores semi&#39;s and final will be played in july during a world cup year.
    - Copa liberatores group winners will play 2nd round 1st leg as away team.
    - Discipline rule added for brazilian leagues.
    - Brazilian cup picks right teams from 3rd division.
    - Brazilian games are no longer rescheduled due to international duty.
    - Brazilian clubs now have B teams and u 18 team. eg palmeiras.
    - European super cup and intercontinental have 3 from 7 subs.
    - Slovakian 1st and 2nd divisions broken into autumn and summer periods.
    - Korean suspension method added.
    - Dutch league sunday games at 1430.
    - Czech teams get no tv money.
    - Fixed a problem where multiple stages were sometimes created for the Colombian Second Division.
    - Czech suspensions do not carry over to next season.
    - Czech suspension is for 2 games after 8 yellow cards.
    - Czech cup semi&#39;s played on different days.
    - Singaporean players are treated as foreigners.
    - Italian C1 super cup is played by C1A champion and C1B champion.
    - Belgian u18&#39;s fixtures mirror senior fixtures but in reverse venues
    - Welsh cup only adds beaten semi-finalist in 2003.

    - Fixed bug where a tactics change at a corner kick sometimes caused the game to not show what happened after the corner
    - Managers viewing matches controlled by other managers no longer have their speed/highlights settings used to determine the settings for the match
    - Tuned match conditions slightly (defenders conditions dropped a tad too much basically)
    - Prevented players from moaning at the referee quite so much
    - Prevented referee&#39;s from moving free-kicks forward 10 yards too often
    - Stopped international teams selecting players from their u21 squad
    - Tactical changes to the match at the same time are now always applied in the same order. This could have caused games to change their score after the second tactical change.


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