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Thread: Aspi - Do I Need It?

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    I have just installed clonecd and clonyXXL and apparently i have no ASPI layer installed.I downloaded ASPI 4.70 ( for XP ) but am still told i have no ASPI layer installed.What does it do?Do i need it?

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    Look for compatibility here :
    Look also for their tool :aspicheck.

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    I have that as part of the 4.7.1 download.It says i have ASPI but it still says i have no ASPI layer when i use ClonyXXL.I have looked at a CD using ClonyXXL and it says it has bad sectors.Will it copy?

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    Bad sectors can be a deliberate means of copy-protection.
    Just read the outputinfo of ClonyXXL careful and use the suggested settings for your burning-program (Use CloneCD or Alcohol 120)


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