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Thread: "windows_xp_pro_corporate_final.exe" Instalation

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    hi! I 've got a problem with "Windows_XP_Pro_Corporate_Final.exe"(504102ko).I would like to erase my hard-disk,and perform an new instalation using this file burned into a cd,like an automatic i would like to know if i just have to burn the file on the cd or if there is something else i have to do.

    thanks. B)

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    well you might want to extract the file. make a new folder on your desktop called "xp" or something like that. then just burn the contents of that folder onto the cd and thats it. this is how i did, and it worked fine.

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    ya but what he means is the cd isn't bootable so he can format his HD and then install XP. thats what I would like to do how do you make bootable XP cd?


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