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Thread: Download "the Hulk"

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    Just to give you a heads up on the Hulk which I saw last night. Now, I am usually a very forgiving moviegoer. I like almost everything I see from any genre. I even thought that "Fast and the Furious" was well written! However I can not bring myself to say much that is good about the hulk. I will try though. Don't worry, there are no spoilers.
    The opening credits and the first 10 minutes or so are very well done all around. Eric Bana does a fine job, as does Jennifer Connelly, and the CGI isn't that bad. Also, while I doubt it was realistic, there is a cool scene which makes "Hulk" probably the first movie to show off the army's brand new Commanche attack helicopters.
    That nice stuff said, the rest blew. Like AI, the story just keps going on and on. It became a snowball of increasing ridiculousness. Two of the three villians, "big bad government" and "big bad corporation" were really campy, and the nearly incomprehensible final fight with mysterious villain number three leaves you wondering if Ang Lee has lost his mind or is smoking rock or both.
    So this is a prime opportunity to use the power of P2P to inform your decision making process. Download the movie and watch the first 45 minutes. I say 45 minutes because there is no action in this portion that would be diminished by a small screen. If, after watching this much you think I am wrong, and everyone has the right to their own opinion, by all means go to the theater and pay your money. However, chances are good that you'll decide to pass.

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    Your opinion --- However i luved the The Hulk --- And i luved the soundtrack 2

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    i suppose like every film you have to find out for yourself - altho some almost everyone will agree is shit.

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    The Hulk was the best!

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    Yeah, MetroStars, I agree the soundtrack was good. Lot's of parts of the movie were good but as a whole? Yeah it's just my opinion, but it's also a $10 ticket. I think if people are really, really into the comic book they will be more accepting of the movies eccentricities. I liked the TV show, so I though the movie was a bit too far out. But certainly, too each their own.

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    yea the soundtrack was amazing... and i also luved the TV series aswell -

    wish i could download the first episode

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    The pilot of the TV show was definitely excellent. I did a search for "hulk pilot" and found a few. So it's out there.

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    I have never actually searched but i will now...

    Thanks man

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    Cool iam getting the 2nd part of the hulk pilot --- can't wait

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    No problem, glad to be of service.

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