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Thread: How Does A Key Gen Work

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    can any one tell me a good keygen and keygens work

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    i think he wants to know how a keygen works.

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    Originally posted by neotheone@1 July 2003 - 20:32
    tell me a good keygen
    what program do you want the keygen for ?

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    If you want to learn about keygenerators and how to make them you should go to
    If you never heard of it before, It is used to make a serial number for a program incase you lose the original one.

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    To try and keep piracy down, keys are used to unlock products to prove that you have purchased them. Within the program is an equation, when a key is entered it is checked with this equation to check the validity of the key.

    How does a keygen work then?
    Well someone has reverse-engineered the program looking for this equation. When they find the equation they just make a simple program that will output valid keys based on that equation in the program.

    This probably isn't exactly true but its a basic answer

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    Jebus has the correct answer, although when someone looks for that equasion they could also make a CRACK or a serial check bypass. If anyone wants some cracks or serials goto this wesite......



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    thats a dead link...


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